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It’s amazing how our mindset can control different outcomes in our lives and in our businesses. When you decide to become an entrepreneur, a major shift happens. You realize that you no longer feel comfortable working for someone else and you start to think about things differently. How many times have you thought about something going wrong in your business and it actually happens? Or how many times have you woke up in a bad mood and you seem to make terrible decisions all day? You probably can relate to one of those scenarios or even more. Having a business mentality is essentially changing the narrative of your thinking and it is very important that you train it to be positive, decisive, and logical. This is why it’s so important to train your mind to think like a CEO so that you can develop a better business mentality. Here are 3 tips for developing a business mentality. FEED YOUR MIND You have to consistently feed your mind. One thing you can do is start journaling daily. Write down ideas and feelings that you’re having during your business journey. If you wake up and you're having a bad day, write it down so that it doesn't affect you during the rest of your day. You can also watch interviews and speeches from other entrepreneurs. This will help you develop your own mindset by modeling other successful business owners. Take time out of your day to spend time watching other entrepreneurs. The last thing you can do is read. Read at least 1 business book per month. Reading is the most effective way to develop your business mindset. Find authors who have written books on topics in your industry and make a list. During your reading time, take notes to refer back to later. REVISIT YOUR VISION Most of the entrepreneurial mindset will revolve around your vision. This is the big idea that you created before you decided to become an entrepreneur. Your vision will always be your motivation and it will help you make sound decisions to push you forward. Ask yourself questions like: What is my vision? Are my actions aligning with my vision? How can I do more to better align myself with my overall vision? Knowing where you are in comparison to where you want to be is a sure way to develop your business mindset. Try displaying your vision in a special place where you can always see it or create a specific time in your day to focus on your goals to stay on track. CHANGE YOUR CIRCLE Your circle can make or break you so choose your network wisely if you plan to stay on track with your success. Having people around you who are not pushing you to do better can negatively impact your progress. Remember Your network will always determine your net worth. Is your current circle supportive? Do they understand your vision and how important it is to you? Evaluate your circle and decide who is make you better and who is holding you back. Your business and future CEO self will thank you later. Learning to think like a CEO will have a trickle-down effect on your entire business. Your leadership, management, and decision-making skills will drastically improve. Staying consistent with feeding your mind, remembering your vision, and reevaluating your circle are the keys to thinking like a CEO! How are you currently changing your mindset?

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